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We maintain a state-of-the-art infrastructure in order to carry all the business
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We shall always manufacture the best quality medicines so that all enjoy a
Beautiful, happy and healthy life
LGH Dr. Amla Juice
Amla juise is very usefull in - - diabetes -Bronchitis -joint pains -pimples -cancer asthma -psoriasis arthritis -Eczema -Sun burn -Body pain -Cervical -Acne -migraine -Obesity -Uicer -Hepatitis -Hair Loss -Graying of Hair -Pain -Constipation -Heart problem -cholesterol -Digestive system -Stamina & Immunity -Skin problem -Bleeding Gums -Varicose Veins -Toxins -Stress -Blood Pressure -Liver Disorders -Kidney problems
LGH LG Zyme Syrup & Drops
Dr. Liv N Zyme Syrup preparation recovers Loss of Appetite, Hepatotoxicity and Corrects Liver Dysfunction, Also Useful in Jaundice, Fatty Liver, Alcoholic Liver, Anaemia and helps in Enhancing Digestive Power and get rid off gastritis
LGH Nari Pushpa Uterine Tonic
-Leukorrhea -Menstrual Complaint. -Uterus Sweelling. -Veins Swelling . -Pelvic Pain. -Infertility. -Pimples. -Uneasiness. -Digestion. -Body ache and Stomach ache. -General Health.
LGH LG Forte Syrup
-General Debility. -Malnutrition. -Poor Weight Gain. -Convalscence. -Anaemia. -Stimulates appetite and Enhances protein metabolism.
LGH Ayush 82 Diaba Treat Tablets
-Help to regulate diabetes. -Complication arriving due to diabetes.
LGH Antioxidants Lycowin Capsules
-Anti oxidant -multivitamin -multiminerals capsules and syrup with extra benefits of lycopene.
LGH Lacumin Curcuma Longa Capsules
Each Capsule Contains: Derived from Curcuma Longs 500mg Allergic Conditions, inflammation pain & supports immunity

About Us

The seeds for La Grande Herbs And Pharma Ltd. were sowed by Lt. Shri Ganga Saran Jindal. Started in 1974, the company has progressed slowly but strongly to where it stands today because of hard & sincere effort of Dr. Bimal Kumar Gupta. We are backed up by a state-of-the-art production plant in Haridwar in the state of Uttrakhand. Uttrakhand is famous as the Dev Bhumi, the land of GODS. Haridwar is one of the Holiest places where the drops of Amrit spilled during Samundra Manthan. This is the place where Ganga, the holy river, enters the plains of Northern India for the first time.

The company has its own land, building and complete set up in SIDCUL which is one of the most beautiful and well planned industrial area of Northern India. The plant and machines installed are among the best and the whole set up complies to the Good Manufacturing Practices rules and regulations laid down by the Government of India. The people working with us are trained and motivated to perform the day to day activities of production and management to the best of their capabilities with utmost honesty and hard work. The most important factor which makes our company stand apart from other companies is the attitude and honesty with which we manufacture our products.
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We promise all that we shall always manufacture the best quality medicines so that all enjoy a
beautiful, happy and healthy life